Our culture defines a dream as something that is preferable to reality but remains inaccessible. For us, a dream is a tool to be exploited, a convergence between ethereal and reality in the architectural design of residential projects.


Dare to use your imagination and experience with us in the process of designing your custom-built residence. Our iterative process is inspired by the saying “form follows fiction”. In fact, rather than defining your home by a function, we endeavour to define and design it with a dream as the starting point, where both realistic and creative limits are one and the same.


Any project requires audacity and outstanding dedication to honour and respect the design in all its aspects. The art of construction is that of materializing an idea to bring it to life. We are committed to doing so with rigour and excellence.


Experience one’s space: we work hard to meet this challenge. Nu Drōm exists to create this synergy between human beings and their environment, and this complicity is specific and different for everyone. Your “place” will always be the backdrop for your memories.