Équipe Nu Drōm

Nu Drōm started out with a dream, the dream of designing and constructing homes with excellence in mind, and in perfect harmony with their environment. Not knowing at all that they would one day end up on the same path, two brothers, Dominic and Étienne Chaussé, began their professional experience in two different but complementary pathways.

Dominic sets aside his academic studies in natural sciences, giving himself permission to pursue his utmost passion: building and renovating homes.

He begins his career in 2006, working as a carpenter in the Montréal area. Step by step, he works his way up, from specialized contractor in interior finishing to contractor in renovation, and finally, as a general contractor in the Eastern Townships and launching his own dream: : Nu Drōm.

In a few short years, he develops an expertise in this area by working on all types of projects, from renovating prestigious homes to the rehabilitation/renovation of a heritage building into a regional theatre.

As for Étienne, after completion of high school, he leaves the Province of Québec to tour the world. From Oceania to Asia, then on to Europe, Étienne discovers his passion for architecture. Once back home, he registers into a collegiate architectural program. In less than a year into the program, he already starts work in this area while completing his studies, completing personal contracts for architects and becoming involved in a few projects with his teachers.

After obtaining his college diploma, Étienne works on projects as varied as residence to multiplex, and even a library building project. He pursues his studies at the University of Montréal. During his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he accomplishes many tailored residential projects, each with their unique clients and budgets.

Our strength resides in our ardour to remain faithful to our fundamental values of integrity, creativity, and excellence. This is what we strive for in the architectural, tectonics, and construction phases.

Our reputation follows us because we are not alone. Internally, we have been able to bring together an excellent team, but we also work with the best subcontractors in our region.